Creating a Summary Statement is a big part of making a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for Engineers Australia. It’s a short one-page document that talks about the skills an engineer has and how they’ve used them in three different job experiences.

What is a CDR and why do you need it?

When getting ready to write a Summary Statement, it’s essential to know about the four categories that engineers should include in their CDR

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Technologist

Tips for Preparing Your Summary Statement

  1. Know the four categories for making a CDR as an engineer.
  2. Include and talk about all the things you mentioned in your Career Episodes in your summary statement.
  3. Use a table format like Engineers Australia suggests.
  4. Use these indicators in the “Competency Element” column:
  • Knowledge and Skill Base: Talk about what you know and the skills you have in engineering.

  • Engineering Application Ability: Show how good you are at solving engineering problems, using tools, and managing projects.

  • Professional and Personal Attributes: This is about how you work with others and lead. You can show your ethics, teamwork, and creativity here.

Checklist for Getting Your Summary Statement Ready Considerations Before Choosing a CDR Writer

  1. Service should be based in Australia.
  2. Service should be familiar with the immigration process.
  3. Service should employ qualified writers.
  4. ervice should guarantee original, non-plagiarized content.
  5. Service should offer more services, like reviewing CDRs, writing resumes, writing RPLs, and finding and getting rid of plagiarism.

Why Choose a CDR Writer from CDR Migration?

A Summary Statement is a brief one-page document. It shows what skills an engineer has and how they used them in real projects. This document is made from three career episodes. When engineers want to move to Australia, they need to give this document to Engineers Australia to show their skills. The Summary Statement should be set up in a table, like Engineers Australia says. It’s smart to get help from experts to write your Summary Statement, and CDRAustraliaWriter offers this help at a good price.

Format of Summary Statement for Professional Engineers in CDR

Competency ElementA brief summary of how you have applied the elementParagraph number in the career episode(s) where the element is addressed
PE1.1 Comprehensive, theory based understanding of the underpinning natural and physical sciences and the engineering fundamentals applicable to the engineering discipline  
PE1.2 Conceptual understanding of the mathematics, numerical analysis, statistics, and computer and information sciences which underpin the engineering discipline.  
PE1.3 In-depth understanding of specialist bodies of knowledge within the engineering discipline.  
PE1.4 Discernment of knowledge development and research directions within the engineering discipline.  
PE1.5 Knowledge of contextual factors impacting the engineering discipline.  
PE1.6 Understanding of the scope, principles, norms, accountabilities and bounds of contemporary engineering practice in the specific discipline.  
PE2.1 Application of established engineering methods to complex engineering problem solving.  
PE2.2 Fluent application of engineering techniques, tools and resources.  
PE2.3 Application of systematic engineering synthesis and design processes.  
PE2.4 Application of systematic approaches to the conduct and management of engineering projects.  
PE3.1 Ethical conduct and professional accountability.  
PE3.1 Ethical conduct and professional accountability.  
PE3.2 Effective oral and written communication in professional and lay domains.  
PE3.4 Professional use and management of information.  
PE3.5 Orderly management of self and professional conduct.  
PE3.6 Effective team membership and team leadership. 

How can CDR Migration help you create a strong summary statement?

We understand what our customers need and work hard to provide it. We help with applications, resumes, RPL reports, and CDR reports. CDR Migration is the top choice for CDR services because our skilled CDR writers know all about ANZSCO Codes. We can guide engineers to make impressive reports that meet Engineers Australia’s standards. We’re excellent at giving you 100% unique MSA content that follows MSA rules.

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