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Creating a Strong Resume for Engineers Australia

Writing a resume for your CDR report for Engineers Australia needs to be done right. It should follow the correct format to support your application. A well-made resume includes your education, work history, achievements, goals, and qualifications. This helps make a good impression on Engineers Australia (EA). Our skilled team offers CDR, CV, and Resume Writing Service for Engineers Australia. We can help you create a captivating personal statement in your CV.

Important Points for Writing Your CDR CV - Resume

  1. Your CV should cover all your work experiences, starting from when you finished your undergraduate studies until now. If you’re a recent graduate, it can include any internships or placements during your studies and even engineering work you did before your current qualification.

  2. While your CV can have non-engineering jobs too, for engineering roles, make sure to include:

    • The name, location, and contact details of the company you worked for
    • Dates when you worked there
    • Your job title
    • What you did in that role
  3. Keep your CV within three A4 pages. It’s usually a scanned PDF document that’s verified.

  4. Each stage of your CV should be verified by an Engineer, preferably a Member or Fellow of Engineers Australia. They’ll sign a statement confirming the accuracy of your career history.

  5. If you worked overseas and can’t get your CV verified, a reference letter from your previous employer is okay. It should mention your employment period, job role, and main responsibilities. If the letter isn’t in English, provide both the translation and original.

  6. If you can’t verify your employment for some reason, you might need to provide a witnessed Statutory Declaration saying your CV is true and accurate.

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