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CDR Migration offers a CDR Reviewing Service that’s in high demand for Engineers Australia’s Migration Skills Assessment Process. Many engineers, even after creating their CPD, Career Episodes, and Summary Statement, end up disappointed with the results. Sometimes, they have to redo their CDR or consider other immigration options. Even with editing, the risk of rejection stays. To ensure your CDR is of good quality and accepted, our experienced team at CDR Migration provides specialized CDR Reviewing services. With our history of helping many clients, we aim to prevent rejections from Engineers Australia.

What Sets Our CDR Review Services Apart:

  1. Experienced Team: Our experts have years of experience creating CDR reports for many clients. We know the common reasons for CDR rejection and can help you avoid them.

  2. Attention to Detail: We focus on the little things, like correct use of periodic tables, calculations, plagiarism checks, and how engineering activities are shown in your career episodes.

  3. Skilled Writers: Our skilled writers, who have had many CDR reports approved by Engineers Australia, will review your career episodes, summary statements, and CPD documents.

  4. Quality Assurance: We use tools to find and fix plagiarism, and we carefully proofread and edit your CDR report. This ensures it’s top-notch and error-free.

  5. High Approval Rate: Our engineering teams have a lot of experience with CDR reviewing. We work closely with you to boost your chances of getting approved by Engineers Australia.

Why You Need CDR Reviewing Service?

When you send your CDR to Engineers Australia, they might reject it or ask you to fix and send it again. They could even assess you for a lower category than you expected. There are four categories for CDR submission: Professional Engineers, Engineering Managers, Engineering Associates, and Engineering Technologists. If there are errors in your CDR, you might end up being assessed as an Engineering Technologist or Associate, even if you have a four-year Engineering Bachelor’s degree.

Getting assessed in a different category can have consequences. You might not be eligible for the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), or you might not be called for the immigration interview. Even if you move to Australia, you might not find jobs matching your qualifications. That’s why it’s crucial to have professionals review your CDR. At CDR Australia Migration, we can help you by identifying and correcting any mistakes in your existing CDR. This ensures your CDR is error-free, boosting your chances of a successful assessment.

Common Reasons for CDR Rejection

  1. Individual Contributions: Make sure your career episode shows how you used your engineering skills, using phrases like “I designed” instead of focusing on team efforts. Many times, applicants make this mistake, which we often notice during our CDR Reviews.

  2. Focused Details: Each career episode should spotlight one competency unit and its elements in detail. Some applicants try to cram too much in each episode, presenting CE points as bullet lists instead of paragraphs.

  3. Balanced Technical Details: Avoid including excessive technical details like graphs, tables, and photos in your career episode. While it’s good to showcase your technical prowess, it can hinder assessing your contribution. Striking a balance is essential.

  4. Methods and Tools: Clearly mention the methods, tools, techniques used for solving problems, your project management experience, and how you applied design processes. This detail is often missing in CDRs during our reviews.

  5. Concise CPD: Your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) should fit on one A4-size page. Some applicants try to extend it to three pages to include all their certifications.

  6. Word Limit Adherence: Stick to the specified word limit. For instance, MSA requires career episodes to be between 1000 to 2500 words.

  7. Proper Grammar: Sometimes, improper grammar usage arises as a point needing attention.

  8. Zero Plagiarism: One critical aspect is avoiding plagiarism. There is a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. We’ve encountered this in CDRs during our reviews.

Taking care of these points can greatly improve the chances of your CDR being accepted without any issues.

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