ANZSCO 233211 Civil Engineer

ANZSCO 233211 Civil Engineer

As a civil engineer, your role will involve the planning and development of a wide range of infrastructure projects, such as water supply systems, bridges, and dams. You will also be responsible for managing large construction teams and overseeing project construction. Your duties may include organizing and supervising the construction process while ensuring that all work adheres to safety regulations and guidelines. It’s possible that to work as a civil engineer, you will need to obtain a professional license or registration.

Skill Level for Civil engineer

Level 1 or Equivalent

Skill Assessment Authority

EA (Engineers Australia) / AIM

Specializations of Civil Engineer:

Airfield Engineer Officer (Air Force) Hydraulics Engineer

On the Occupation Lists

  • 489 (S/T) Occupations List
  • 482 TSS Visa Medium Term List
  • 407 Training visa occupations List
  • 482 TSS Visa Regional Occupation List
  • 189 Skilled Independent and Family Sponsored 489 Occupations List and 485 Graduate Work Stream
  • 190 State/Territory Sponsored
  • 186 ENS Visa Occupations List
  • 187 RSMS Visa Occupations List
  • 491– Skilled Work Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 491) Occupation List
  • 494 – Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (provisional) (subclass 494) – Employer-sponsored stream

Unit Group 2332: Civil Engineering Professionals.

As a civil engineer, your responsibilities will encompass overseeing substantial construction projects and designing various facilities, such as dams, bridges, pipelines, and airports. Additionally, you might be tasked with designing transportation systems, conducting stress tests on materials, and studying the behavior of soil and rock. Estimating and monitoring project expenses will also fall within your purview. Ensuring the safe and regulatory-compliant execution of all work during the construction process will be part of your role. Civil engineering specialists, with their expertise in statistical analysis, evaluate the performance of different materials and structures.

Occupations in this Group.

  • 233211 Civil Engineer
  • 233212 Geotechnical Engineer
  • 233213 Quantity Surveyor
  • 233214 Structural Engineer
  • 233215 Transport Engineer

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